Woodburn Lutheran School provides a rigorous curriculum which challenges students in core academic disciplines.  We are excited at the possibilities offered to our students through the technology available at WLS.  The WLS teachers integrate technology throughout the day and across all subject areas in order to provide the most effective learning experience for all our students.

SMART BoardSMART Boards Each K-8 classroom contains a SMART Board for teacher and student use.  The SMART Board allows the teacher to display classroom content, create classroom lessons, manipulate resources, gain instant access to current news information and maps, and so much more.  The students also benefit from the ability to utilize the touch recognition of the SMART Boards to gain hands on learning experiences.



iPadiPads WLS is 1:1 with iPads in 5th-8th grade.  Each student has an iPad which he/she uses in school daily, as well as at home, to complete work, explore topics, research, and create projects.  Each K-4 classroom has a set of classroom iPads available for student use in small groups.  Our K-4 classrooms have a minimum of 1 iPad for every 3 students.  Our two preschool classrooms also have access to iPads in their classrooms.  iPad use provides students access to information, differentiated learning opportunities, and a wide variety of learning experiences that are difficult to replicate without these devices.


Laptops & Chromebooks WLS has a laptop cart with 25 Dell laptops specifically for student use as well as a Chromebook cart with 20 Acer Chromebooks for student use.  Teachers regularly schedule and utilize these devices in the classroom for student use on enrichment activities, for small group activities, and as a tool for instruction in basic computer usage.


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